ADDED ON: 03/24/2022

Venezuelan same-sex couples still wait for right to marry

03/23/2022 | ABC news

CARACAS, Venezuela — Ana Margarita Rojas and Elena Hernáiz have shared their lives for more than three decades and raised a son together. Their neighbors in Venezuela’s capital recognize them as a couple, never questioning them when they refer to each other as “mi esposa” — “my wife.” Their social acceptance, however, does not translate into legal recognition. Venezuela remains on a shrinking list of South American countries that do not allow same-sex marriages. This despite the fact that Venezuela’s highest court has had seven years to rule on a key case and President Nicolás Maduro has asked lawmakers to consider the matter. This inaction has left couples and activists wondering whether a country steeped in a political, social and economic crises will ever grant them the right to marry. Many see a government that ignores them and an opposition that prioritizes other issues.


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