ADDED ON: 07/01/2021

Venezuelan activists say there is little to celebrate this Pride month

06/29/2021 | KELO

Activists in Venezuela say there is little to celebrate this LGBTI Pride month, which they say is behind in South America on legislation protecting members of the LGBTI community. Venezuela still bars same-sex marriage and child adoption by same-sex couples, among other laws that some countries in the region such as Colombia and Brazil allow. The right to non-discrimination based on sexual orientation is only included in the country’s labor, banking and housing laws. But activists say even that is rarely enforced. “They have no effect,” said Giovanni Piermattei, 54, president of Equal Venezuela, or Venezuela Igualitaria, an LGBTI rights group. “How can you prove someone fired you for your sexual orientation?” LGBTI stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex. President Nicolas Maduro said last October that he would leave it to the pro-government parliament to discuss same-sex marriage. So far no bill on the issue is on the legislative agenda. Tamara Adrian, Venezuela’s first trans deputy, has been fighting in court since May 2004 for new documents for trans people such as identification and passports with their names, but there has yet to be a ruling. The 67-year-old lawyer and activist still appears as Tomas on her documents.


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