ADDED ON: 11/08/2018

Using the UN to Advance LGBTI Rights in China

11/06/2018 | Open Global Rights

As China approaches the third, quadrennial review of its human rights record by the United Nations (known as the ‘Universal Periodic Review’ (UPR)), there is increasing international attention on the dire human rights situation in the country. Although LGBT issues in China are less visible in these discussions, the UPR process has proven to offer opportunities to combat violence and advance equality for the LGBT community in China. The Chinese government has never made a clear statement of its position on LGBT issues domestically; therefore, the LGBT community in China follows very carefully any expression the government makes on this issue internationally.  This is one of the few ways they can navigate the domestic space for advocacy. The manner in which the Chinese government addresses and responds to LGBT issues raised at the UPR is critically important to the future strategy of the movement.


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