ADDED ON: 08/23/2019

US fundamentalists deliver homophobic leaflets across Birmingham

08/22/2019 | Metro UK

A US Christian fundamentalist group have been dropping ‘homophobic and transphobic’ leaflets into homes across Birmingham. Singer Janique James, 23, was shocked to receive the Tradition, Family, Property Association pamphlet entitled ‘Gender Theory or 2st Century Totalitarianism?’. Inside it advertises a book to be used as a ‘tool against gender theory’ and says activists are already imposing ‘anti-Christian and anti-God’ views on children in schools. The Tradition, Family, Property Association is a UK branch of an American fundamentalist group, which was launched in 1960. Janique was disgusted by the flyer (Picture: SWNS) Often referred to as The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, the organisation fights against abortion, transgender and LGBT rights. As well as their UK branch, the group has also spread to the likes of Austria, Lithuania, Chile, and South Africa.


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