ADDED ON: 10/19/2018

Uruguayan Congress Approves Comprehensive Law For Trans People

10/19/2018 | teleSUR

Congress in Uruguay approved with a large majority (62 out of the 88 lawmakers in session), the project of comprehensive law for trans people, to ensure the protection of their rights. The project of law was promoted by the government of the Broad Front (FA), and now the initiative has been passed to the Executive Power for its proclamation to become an official law.  The new law establishes a framework to revert discriminative actions, as well as guaranteeing trans people the full exercise of their rights. The law stipulates the “free development of personality according to their chosen gender identity, irrespective of their biological, genetic, anatomical, morphological (or) hormonal.” As well, it provides children under 18 may undergo sex-change surgery, with the consent of their parents.


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