ADDED ON: 01/03/2020

Uruguay, the most LGBT-friendly country in Latin America

01/02/2020 | MercoPress

Uruguay is ranked 18th in the world in the LGBT + Danger Index ranking that evaluates the friendliest and most dangerous destinations for the lesbian, bisexual and transgender gay community, LGBT. Sweden has been named as the friendliest country for the LGBTQ population according to a new ranking that analyzes the rights and securities offered to members of the collective in 150 countries. The LGBT + Danger Index was created based on the analysis of eight factors: legalization of same-sex marriage, protection of rights in the workplace, protection against discrimination, recognition of adoption, punishment of hate crimes, the index Gallup on whether it is a good place to live and two aspects for the negative, such as the laws of morality and the illegality of same-sex relationships.


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