ADDED ON: 08/26/2021

Uruguay starts to dance again as pandemic subsides

08/25/2021 | Associated Press

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — After long months of illness, Uruguay is once again starting to dance. The government last week authorized ballrooms and event halls to open as the country’s COVID-19 death rate — once among the highest in the world per capita — has fallen sharply. Seventy percent of Uruguayans have received both doses of vaccines against the virus and once-overstressed hospitals now have empty beds. The government decided to let ballrooms for dancing open five hours a day — though with limited capacity and mandatory 20-minute pauses each hour to air out closed spaces. “It’s a very strange thing,” said Paola Dalto, a DJ with the “Cherry Show,” production aimed at the LGBT community which had to adapt its dance and music to the on-and-off rules. Several ballrooms, and even people in the streets, raced to take advantage on Tuesday, which is usually “nostalgia night,” when clubs play music from decades past.


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