ADDED ON: 09/30/2022

UN experts demand stay of execution for two women activists sentenced to death in Iran

09/28/2022 | Women's Agenda

UN experts are demanding a stay of execution for two women LGBT rights activists in Iran, Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani and Elham Choubdar, who have been sentenced to death by Iranian judicial authorities on charges of “corruption on earth” and “trafficking”. Although the exact reasons for these charges haven’t been made public, the UN has been privately informed that the two women were charged for speaking and acting in support of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and other gender-diverse (LGBT) persons facing discrimination in Iran on account of their sexual orientation and gender identity. The trafficking charges against them are reportedly due to their efforts to assist people leaving Iranian territory. Iran’s legal system explicitly prohibits homosexuality and same-sex relations are punishable by death under the country’s penal code and activists frequently denounce the country’s treatment of LGBTI individuals.


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