ADDED ON: 03/30/2022

Ukrainian LGBTQ Artist Who Can’t Leave Kyiv Is Painting For Peace.

03/29/2020 | Forbes Magazine

Dark thoughts haunt LGBTQ people in Ukraine. A relentless Russian invasion continues, despite peace talks beginning. If they win, a Russian occupation terrifies LGBTQ Ukrainians. In Russia, the ideological pursuit of “traditional values” dominates everything. It means anti-gay law, and persecution thanks to propaganda. If this pursuit comes to Ukraine, it will un-do years of progress in the LGBTQ community’s fight for acceptance. It’s why so many LGBTQ folk want to flee. Daniel Skripnik however, can’t leave Kyiv. He is liable for military service. Yet, because of his health condition, it would be impossible for him to serve. He has decided to stay and use his skills to support the army in any way he can. In between that, he’s been filling his time by painting for peace.


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