ADDED ON: 10/12/2019

Ukraine’s first-ever LGBT shelter forced to close after running out of money

10/10/2019 | Pink News

An LGBT+ shelter in Kyiv ran out of money and was forced to close its doors, severing off a pocket of protection in a war-tugged country where citizens and officials divide on queer rights. Opened by the LGBT+ non-government organisation Insight in 2014, it became the first shelter specifically to house queer folk. But organisers folded the hostel after a struggle with funding, they confirmed to PinkNews. LGBT+ Ukrainians fleeing from military conflict and disowned by families no longer have a safe space. LGBT+ people have for years taken cab and walked on foot to get to the shelter, displaced by the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine, a former Soviet state, was split, the east wanting to align with Russia and the west with the European Union. It created a patchwork of occupied territories straining eastern Ukrainians, who fled west to escape the conflict between Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists. Around 100,000 lives have been claimed by the conflict, dubbed by advocacy groups as a humanitarian criss.


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