ADDED ON: 10/10/2020

Ukraine Wraps Skyscraper in Rainbow for Pride to Fight Homophobia

10/09/2020 | Out Magazine

The owners of the second-tallest building in Ukraine are taking a stand against a rising tide of homophobia in the region. The colors of the Pride flag will be projected onto the exterior of the 35-story Gulliver Mall in capital city of Kyiv each evening from October 5 through 11. Also projected onto the building will be the words “It’s good to be together!” to signify the importance of a united front against intolerance and bigotry in the region. The projection is scheduled to coincide with Ukraine’s celebration of Pride Month as well as International Coming Out Day on October 11. “Coming Out Day is about visibility and the power of the voice,” Ruslana Panukhnyk, director of the KyivPride NGO, is quoted in Pink News. The celebration of Pride Month in the Kyiv had been postponed from September 26 to October 11 due to the global pandemic. Attendance at last year’s Pride was the largest in the country’s history with 8,000 marchers. While these numbers are encouraging, LGBTQ+ people still encounter significant societal prejudice and discrimination in Ukraine, which does not legally recognize marriage equality. A 2018 poll from Democratic Initiatives showed that 47 percent of Ukrainians believe LGBTQ+ rights should be limited; only 37.5 percent are against restrictions.


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