ADDED ON: 03/16/2022

Ukraine LGBTQ activist flees Kyiv

03/15/2022 | Washington Blade

The head of an LGBTQ rights group in Ukraine has fled the country’s capital. Insight Chair Olena Shevchenko on March 10 left her home in Kyiv and evacuated to Lviv, a city in western Ukraine that is close to the country’s border with Poland. Shevchenko on Tuesday told the Washington Blade that she fled Kyiv because of the “bombings, the absence of working possibilities, medicines and some food as well.” Shevchenko said she continues to work to help LGBTQ Ukrainians who remain trapped in Kyiv and in other cities that Russian forces continue to attack. “(It’s) pretty hard,” Shevchenko told the Blade. “I think I’m almost at my limits.” Shevchenko wrote an op-ed that the Blade published on Feb. 24, the same day that Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.


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