ADDED ON: 10/04/2022

Ukraine: Amid War, LGBTI People Fight for Equal Rights

10/03/2022 | Institute for War & Peace Reporting

In late September, the LGBTI community in Ukraine’s northeastern city of Kharkiv defied ongoing shelling to hold a week of Pride events under the slogan, United as Never Before. Kharkiv Pride saw activists decorate the city – severely damaged from Russian missiles – with banners, organise rallies on the metro, hold memorial events for LGBTI people killed in the fighting and raise money for military personnel. The events highlighted ongoing efforts by Ukraine’s LGBTI community to fight for their rights, even amidst the full-scale invasion.


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  1. Je remercie beaucoup le ministre d’intérieur allemand c’est vraiment beaucoup grâce pour nous LGBT mais ça aurait du plaisir pour que je puisse avoir un visa pour l’Allemagne car je suis au Maroc dans une situation très difficile

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