ADDED ON: 02/01/2021

UK Supreme Court to hear case for gender-neutral markings on passports in July

01/31/2021 | Gay Times

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom have announced they will begin hearing a case for whether gender-neutral markings, like ‘X’, should be allowed on passports. The specific dates that the court will hear the case are on the 12/13 July. The case is being brought by Christie Elan-Cane, who has fought for legal recognition of a non-gendered identity for the past 30 years. Elan-Cane identifies as non-gendered and uses per/perself pronouns. Elan-Cane argues that it is discriminatory for passports to be issued without an ‘X’ gender marker, as it excludes people who do not identify as either male or female. Previous court rulings have been against introducing an ‘X’ gender marker, with senior judges in the High Court saying the current policy isn’t unlawful. The Court of Appeal also ruled against the move, but in their judgement said that non-binary and non-gendered people had a right to respect.


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