ADDED ON: 07/14/2020

UK debates creation of gender-neutral passports

07/13/2020 | Brussels Times

Gender-neutral passports (where ‘X’ replaces M/F) will be debated again this week in the British Parliament after judges ruled in March that the Home Office has the right not to give out such passports. The new bill demands that ministers recognise gender-neutral passports, and is backed by LGBTQ organisation Stonewall. According to the UK Parliament, private bills such as these (which are proposed by Lords and MPs who are not ministers) do not always become law, but have a higher chance of passing with increased public awareness. “There are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK who do not identify as exclusively male or female, but the Conservative government still refuses to give them the dignity of recognising their identities,” a spokeswoman for the Liberal-Democrats, Christine Jardin, told The Guardian.


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