ADDED ON: 08/31/2018

Uganda’s LGBTI People Are Putting up a Fight for Their Right to a Safe Place

08/31/2018 | Gay Star News

So many times when Uganda’s LGBTI community has tried to hold public events, like a Pride parade or a film festival, police have stormed in leaving people scared for their lives. Gay sex is illegal in Uganda and LGBTI people face extreme persecution and violence. ‘Life for LGBT persons is harsh, it’s very difficult to survive. It’s especially hard to find a job when people know that you’re LGBT,’ 24-year old artist Alicia Nalunkuma told Gay Star News. Every day in Uganda, LGBTI people live in fear. ‘It’s very traumatizing and depressing. You feel hopeless because you can’t run or turn to anybody because the laws don’t protect you and the police can’t be trusted with your story,’ Nalunkuma said.


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