ADDED ON: 10/30/2018

Ugandan Ethics & Integrity Minister Condemns Plans for LGBT Community Center

10/29/2018 | eTurbo News

Rainbow Riots’ plans to establish an LGBT community center in Uganda, the first of its kind in East Africa, have recently been publicly condemned by the country’s famously homophobic Minister of State for Ethics & Integrity, Simon Lokodo. The organization remains defiant against the remarks, made in an interview with The Guardian newspaper. Loko deemed the center “illegal” in a story which also featured an interview with Rainbow Riots founding director, Petter Wallenberg. In The Guardian’s article, Neela Ghoshal, of Human Rights Watch, was quoted stating that the Center is now more crucial than ever for the quality of life for LGBT people in Uganda. Crowdfunding for the project continues despite this threat to the center. The activists within the organization Rainbow Riots, plan to establish a safe space for LGBT people in Uganda. The center is to be opened in a secret location in Kampala, and welcomes the country’s LGBT people as a refuge for advice on safety, health and HIV issues.


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