ADDED ON: 01/06/2021

Uganda: Media bias leads to harassment of trans women

01/05/2021 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Ms Melanie Anyu, a human rights activist based in Mbale City in eastern Uganda, made the point in a recent interview: Too many media houses in Uganda “sow seeds of stigma and incitement towards LGBTQI+ people”, she said. In doing so, they violate the ethical standards of journalism as well as common decency. The country’s 42 million population is served by 192 radio stations and 66 television stations plus many newspapers and online publishers — a majority of which are owned, funded or otherwise have strong links to homophobic politicians or to faith-based institutions such as churches or mosques. fAnyu cited the example of a transphobic story published by the New Vision daily newspaper about a trans woman arrested in the town of Soroti. The headline was “Shock as Soroti hot babe turns out to be man, arrested”.


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