ADDED ON: 09/12/2021

UCT vice-chancellor apologises to LGBTQIA+ community

9/12/21 | IOL

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town (UCT) Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng apologised to the LGBTQIA+ community for a seminar she co-hosted on Sunday, September 4. The seminar, which was hosted by Phakeng with Dr Kgomotso Mathabe, a practising urologist and a member of the Steve Biko Academic Hospital’s Gender Clinic, was streamed on social media platforms last weekend. The seminar, titled “What does science say about LGBTQA+”, raised the ire of many on social media. In addition to finding the title of the seminar distasteful, the LGBTQIA+ community was also dismayed by Mathabe’s comments that being born intersex was potentially life-threatening and required medical correction. Gender groups also commented that the seminar itself could be seen as misinformation. The Triangle Project, a non-profit LGBTI human rights organisation based in Cape Town, stated, “The public outrage on all social media platforms responds to the innate violence and harms this seminar has caused on trans and intersex persons and their families who feel the daily violence of medical and pathologised diagnosis that have no positive outcome on their lives.” According to a statement by UCT on Friday, the apology came after some deep reflection on Phakeng’s part since the session. The university said Phakeng was deeply saddened by the pain the seminar had caused. It further said that she would meet with the LGBTQIA+ community in sessions over the next few weeks in an effort to learn, understand, grow and try to heal some of the hurt caused.


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