ADDED ON: 04/24/2018

U.S.’s Largest LGBTI Group Takes on Workplace Discrimination in Mexico

04/23/2018 | The Advocate

The HRC Foundation, an arm of the Human Rights Campaign, is launching their second survey of major Mexican corporations to gauge their policies on LGBT employees. EquidadMX: Programa Global de Equidad Laboral will query more than 50 Mexican companies — including the nation’s largest, the state-owned oil company Pemex — on how they treat their workers. HRC wants to know if there are antidiscrimination policies in place, whether there are diversity or resource groups, and whether the companies engage in public activies — like Pride festivals, for example — to encourage inclusion and a diverse workforce. The second iteration is an increase from the 32 companies that took part in the first year of EquidadMX.


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