ADDED ON: 06/02/2019

U.S. embassy in Seoul faces backlash for flying Pride flag

05/31/2019 | CTV News

The American embassy in South Korea is facing backlash from the country’s conservative and Christian groups for displaying a Pride flag on its building during Pride celebrations in Seoul. Harry Harris, the American ambassador to South Korea, captioned photos of the flag on Twitter with the words; “LGBTI rights = Human Rights. USA is committed to defending human rights for all, incl LGBTI persons.” The embassy has displayed a Pride flag in the past to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community in South Korea, but this year’s flag is much larger and more prominent – which has angered conservative Christian groups. Korean Christian groups and other conservative organizations have a history of violence and anti-gay slander against the LGBTQ community. At the inaugural Incheon pride parade in 2018, more than 1000 anti-gay protestors, including Christian groups, verbally and physically assaulted the 300 parade attendees.


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