ADDED ON: 05/24/2020

U.K. Contact Tracing App Could Endanger LGBT Human Rights

05/23/2020 | Forbes

Contact tracing is going to become an inevitable reality as the world leaves lockdown. But, the longterm human rights implications of that for LGBT people and minorities could be “incredible,” experts are warning. For LGBT people in South Korea linked to a recent outbreak, and gay Ugandans facing persecution under the guise of COVID-19 rules–this has already become a reality. The danger comes down to plans by some countries, including for the U.K.’s NHS app, to pursue a centralised, instead of a decentralised app. “If even Google is telling you this data set is going to be too powerful, you should pay attention,” Kyle Taylor, of Fair Vote U.K. tells me. This “incredible” powerhouse data set that Taylor describes is of plans for the NHS’s centralised COVID-19′ Track And Trace’ app.


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