ADDED ON: 09/13/2021

Two New Jersey agencies are working with HRC toward fully LGBTQ inclusive foster care

09/12/2021 | Out in Jersey

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation released a new report, 2021 Change-Makers, highlighting the HRC Foundation All Children-All Families (ACAF) program’s partnership with 119 organizations—a 19 percent increase in participation from last year. These partners are working to improve the services provided for the LGBTQ community, including children in foster care. The organizations serve more than one-million clients annually in 35 states and employ more than 24,000 employees. One in three of all children in foster care are LGBTQ according to many studies. There are two organizations located in New Jersey featured in the report. They are A Loving Choice Adoption Associates and New Jersey Department of Children and Families—Child Protection & Permanency Division. “The third edition of our Change-Makers report shows that, despite the many hardships of the last year, more organizations than ever before are working alongside the Human Rights Campaign Foundation to make impactful change for the LGBTQ+ youth and families they serve,” said Alison Delpercio, Human Rights Campaign Foundation Director for All Children—All Families. “This year’s participants also demonstrated a growing commitment to intersectionality and ensuring organizational policies and practices do not reinforce the same systems of oppression that put youth and families at risk in the first place.” “By taking on these challenges the change-makers featured in our 2021 report are models for youth-serving professionals everywhere,” said Delpercio. The release comes at a time when many have been sounding the alarm about the particular risks foster youth face due to COVID-19. Currently, LGBTQ inclusion work in foster care systems could not be more important.


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