ADDED ON: 02/03/2021

Twitter says Turkish minister’s LGBT comments about protesters “hateful conduct”

02/02/2021 | Reuters

Turkey’s interior minister on Tuesday condemned protesters at a top Istanbul university as “LGBT deviants” in a statement which Twitter deemed as hateful conduct. Students and teachers at Istanbul’s Bogazici University have held protests for the last month against the appointment of Melih Bulu as rector by President Tayyip Erdogan, which they said was undemocratic. On Monday, scuffles broke out between police and those protesting against the detention of four people after images were shared on social media of them laying a picture on the ground that mixed sacred Islamic imagery with symbols supporting LGBT issues. Police entered campus later in the day to disperse students who were planning an all-night vigil outside the rector’s building and detained 159 in total throughout the day, the governor’s office said.


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