ADDED ON: 06/19/2020

TV exposé from Iran targets LGBTQ safe houses in Iraq

06/18/2020 | Erasing 76 Crimes

The Iranian state-run news channel Al-Alam released a 22-minute television program labeling the Iraqi organization IraQueer and its network of LGBTQ safe houses as agents of a United States “cultural crusade.” An Arabic-language “documentary” aired on Iran’s state-run news channel Al-Alam last week, targeting LGBTQ Iraqis and the LGBTQ advocacy group IraQueer. The 22-minute program, titled “The Dark Room: Queer COVID,” condemns LGBTQ activism as an American effort to subvert the Arab and Islamic identity of Iraq. The program shows images of the novel coronavirus and people coughing alongside images of LGBTQ Pride celebrations. Opening with dramatic music and flashing images of military operations in Iraq circa 2003, when the United States invaded and overthrew Saddam Hussein, the program discusses IraQueer and its financial backers, HIVOS and USAID.


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