ADDED ON: 07/12/2020

Turkish university student threatened with murder for LGBTQ+ rights lecture

07/11/2020 | Gay Times

A political sciences student at Ankara University in Turkey, Nazli Ikra Öztay, has been threatened with murder for organising an event about LGBTQ+ rights. Nazli organised an ‘LGBTI+ rights struggle on campus’ lecture, and announced the details on WhatsApp. However, Birgün reports that Nazli then faced death threats for the event. “I was confronted with a private message saying, ‘Delete that immoral message’,” she explained. She said a friend of hers received a similar message. The deeply worrying message that Nazli received read: “Delete that message and do not again make the (Whatsapp) group a grounds for your depravity again. We’ll never get used to it, and we’ll throw you off tall buildings.” The message is a reference to the way that terrorist organisation ISIS kills LGBTQ+ individuals, with the murders often filmed and published online.


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