ADDED ON: 07/02/2019

Turkish opposition sparks debate with pro-LGBTQ Pride campaign

07/01/2019 | Middle East Eye

In an unprecedented move, dozens of Turkish opposition-run municipalities celebrated LGBTQ Pride Day on Sunday, triggering rebukes and strongly worded statements from ruling party officials and their supporters. Among the first officials to show their support for Pride was Canan Kaftancioglu, the chairwoman of Istanbul Republican People’s Party (CHP) who is believed to be the strategist behind the opposition victory in Istanbul’s repeat election. “Salute to people who were born free and live free… #pride2019,” she tweeted. Following this tweet, in a coordinated effort, dozens of opposition-run municipalities shared exactly the same rainbow flag image and announced their support of Pride. However, the wide outpourings of support were met by equally wide condemnations from government supporters and commentators.


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