ADDED ON: 03/17/2021

Turkey’s LGBT+ endure brutal attacks amid Erdogan reign

03/16/2021 | Deutche Welle

When Miras Günes body was found a few days ago, her face was disfigured beyond recognition. The preliminary autopsy report revealed she was beaten to death with a hard object. Investigators are trying to find who was behind the attack on Günes, a trans woman from Izmir who had been reported missing in February. Just days before Günes’ body was found, 18-year-old Emre B. allegedly attacked a trans woman with acid on March 9 in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district. She suffered burns all over her body and lost much of her eyesight. A week before that attack, also in Istanbul, Harun S. was charged with sexual assault after allegedly following a transgender woman, Asel, to her front door, where he sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. “I thought it was a woman. But it turned out to be a man,” he reportedly said while detained — before being released.


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