ADDED ON: 06/30/2020

Turkey defends anti-gay tweet by head of Turkish Red Crescent

06/29/2020 | Reuters

Turkey defended an anti-gay tweet by the head of the Turkish Red Crescent, describing him as a victim of “LGBT propaganda” after his comments were condemned by an international body. Kerem Kinik, chairman of the Red Crescent Society of Turkey made the comments on his official Twitter account on Sunday, celebrated by LGBT people around the world as international Pride Day. “We will not let you step on human dignity,” Kinik wrote. “We will protect nature and the mental health of our children. We’ll fight against those who violate healthy creation, who make abnormal look normal by using their power of communication and impose their paedophiliac dreams cloaked as modernity on young minds.” Kinik’s comments drew a rebuke from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the network of the movement’s national groups, where he serves as one of five vice presidents.


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