ADDED ON: 01/16/2019

Tunisia: Engineer loses job, faces trial for old videos on his phone

01/15/2019 | Erasing 76 Crimes

A Tunisian man who worked in Dubai for the past five years lost his job and now faces criminal homosexuality charges in a Tunisian court — all because police found old intimate videos of him and his boyfriend in his phone. The Tunisian LGBT rights group Shams denounced police for continuing to hound the country’s LGBT community. Mounir Baatour, president of Shams, said that the Tunisian justice system’s persecution of gay men is contrary to Tunisian law. Under Tunisian justice, people are condemned for their sexual orientation, although Tunisian law only criminalizes sodomy, he said. The engineer Khaled (a pseudonym used to preserve his anonymity) told Kapitalis that he was summoned by the police after putting a drone on sale online. During his interrogation, the investigators searched his mobile phone and discovered intimate videos of his relationship with his boyfriend of Syrian origin living in the United Arab Emirates. These videos, which were filmed in 2016 in Dubai, aroused the interest of the agents, who quickly forgot the case of the drone.


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