ADDED ON: 11/10/2019

Trump’s Takeover of America’s Courts Just Hit a Terrifying New Milestone

11/08/2019 | Rolling Stone

Thursday, November 7 was a fateful day for the courts in America. By an 86-2 margin, the U.S. Senate approved William Nardini to a lifetime appointment on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals — Trump’s 45th appointment of an appeals-court judge. On the same day, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved another judicial nominee of Trump’s, Steven Menashi, an ally of Stephen Miller and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos with a history of inflammatory statements about Islam, LGBT people, and race. Menashi’s nomination now goes to the Senate floor where it appears likely he too will be confirmed to a lifetime position on the Second Circuit. If confirmed, Menashi would fill the seat once held by Thurgood Marshall. Nardini’s confirmation is a terrifying new milestone for Trump: One out of every four judges at the circuit court level is now a Trump appointee.


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