ADDED ON: 07/12/2019

Trump’s new ‘rights’ commission is packed with anti-LGBT activists

07/11/2019 | Pink News

LGBT+ groups have expressed concern after Donald Trump launched a ‘natural law’ commission that is dominated by members with anti-LGBT beliefs. Trump’s current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced plans to undercut the US government’s existing human rights framework on Monday (July 7), with the formation of a Commission on Unalienable Rights. Pompeo claimed the body is necessary because “international institutions designed and built to protect human rights have drifted from their original mission,” suggesting different rights have “come into tension with one another.” Seven of the ten members on the new Trump administration commission have previously expressed anti-LGBT views. Researchers from GLAAD revealed that the body’s members have described same-sex marriage as “radical social experiment,” and claimed that marriage equality is “one of the signs of the End Times.”


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