ADDED ON: 01/15/2022

Tripura Cops Deny Allegations Of Transgender Harassment

1/14/22 | Northeast Today

The Tripura Police have refuted the allegations made by atleast four transgender persons, who asserted that personnel from Tripura Police stripped them on Saturday in a bid to prove their gender identity, as informed by a police complaint filed by one of them. Referring the allegations as “baseless”, Tripura Police stated that they were arrested after they failed to give a “satisfactory reply”. In a statement, the police said they received a complaint on Saturday night that four people in “girl costumes” were demanding money from those passing through the Battala and Melarmath areas of Agartala. Its worthy to note that one of these 4 transgender persons filed a complaint, and mentioned that these transgenders were also made to write an undertaking that they will never cross-dress and if they are found in such an attire anywhere in the city, they could be arrested. This shameless incident allegedly took place after the four emerged from a party in a hotel on Saturday night. According to the complaint, which was made available to mediapersons here on Tuesday, stated that a photojournalist was also present with the police when this shameless incident occurred. Besides, the four persons were also charged with extortion and taken to West Agartala women’s police station where they were made to strip by both male and women police officials present. “In the police station we were asked by the police to open our clothes and disclose our gender. The most embarrassing thing was that the police kept our wigs and inner garments in the police station”, the complaint said and demanded justice. The complaint said that they were charged with extortion without any proof, which is “a completely false charge”.


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