ADDED ON: 10/14/2019

Transman anchors Malayalam news show

10/14/2019 | Times of India

For someone who aspired to be a journalist, Hrithik M (27), was living the dream. When Jeevan TV telecast its weekly roundup, ‘Azhchavattom’ with Hrithik as news anchor on Sunday, the doors for the first transman news presenter in the history of the state was opened. Interestingly, ‘Azhchavattom’ has been presented by transgender persons for more than a year. Transwomen Ayisha Dudle and Sweety Bernad were the anchors of the weekly news round up. Hrithik is the first transman to present the show. “I contribute by translating content for various media houses. Recently, my wife Thripthi asked me whether I could try in the media. We heard about Jeevan TV giving transwomen a platform as news anchors. Thus, we approached the show’s producer Subitha. Later, she contacted us back and gave the opportunity,” said Hrithik. Subitha Sukumar, news editor at Jeevan TV, said that the idea of a news programme with members of the transgender community as anchors came after she did a programme about them for the channel.


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