ADDED ON: 06/03/2019

Transgender woman from El Salvador dies in ICE custody

06/02/2019 | Washington Blade

A transgender woman from El Salvador died on Saturday while in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. An ICE press release says Johana “Joa” Medina Leon, who was identified by her birth name, passed away at a hospital in El Paso, Texas. The press release says Medina, 25, “illegally” entered the U.S. at the Paso del Norte Port of Entry between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, on April 11. ICE notes Medina “was processed as an expedited removal when she applied for admission to enter the United States.” The press release says Medina entered ICE custody on April 14. The press release noted Media on May 18 “received a positive credible fear finding” and four days later “was issued a notice to appear before” an immigration judge. ICE says Medina on May 28 requested an HIV test and tested positive. The press release notes she was “transported” to Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso on the same day after “she complained of chest pains.”


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