ADDED ON: 10/16/2022

Transgender students fear being ‘deadnamed’ at college

10/15/2022 | The Washington Post

Before the fall semester began, Eshe Ukweli emailed her professors. She wanted to make sure they knew her name. Ukweli, a journalism student at Howard University, has been in the process of changing her legal name for more than a year. But until that happens, the university’s systems identify Ukweli by her birth name on records, including the class rolls that her professors have. “Being a trans person, it’s sort of hard to see your deadname all around and people can sort of easily find this information,” she said. After Ukweli sent an email, her professors used her name. But students shouldn’t have to go through that extra step, she said. Howard officials said students can update their preferred name on university systems but need to contact its enrollment management team to make the change.


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