ADDED ON: 09/29/2020

Transgender People Still Criminalized in 13 UN Member States, Report Finds

09/29/2020 | Voice of America

At least 13 United Nations member states still criminalize transgender people, while others use morality and indecency laws to crack down on the trans community, a report showed on Wednesday. Nigeria, Oman and Lebanon are among the nations with explicit anti-trans laws, according to the latest Trans Legal Mapping Report by LGBT+ rights group ILGA World. The research details trans legislation and policies in 143 U.N. member states and 19 other jurisdictions. Many other countries apply “seemingly innocuous” regulations covering offenses such as “public nuisance, indecency, morality [and] loitering” to police trans communities, the report said. However, at least 96 U.N. member states now have provisions for legal gender recognition, according to the research.


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