ADDED ON: 09/05/2020

Transgender people find refuge in Haitian Center

09/04/2020 | NY Carib News

The Kay Trans Haiti center located in the capital, Port-au-Prince, is funded by a Spanish healthcare company and the United Nations Development Program and provides lodging and care for up to 10 transgender people. Kay Trans Haiti is open to transgender people who have been victims of abuse allowing residents to stay for up to a year, and provide services including FREE sessions with psychologists. After graduating from the center, the program subsidizes their rent for up to a year, allowing them time to become fully self-sufficient. Kay Trans center allows residents rights like any other human being – they can bring their partners, be social, and shop without fear of mistreatment from neighborhood shopkeepers. One of the residents (born male), recounted a traumatic childhood where neighbors didn’t want her to play with their children. “I am proud of myself now because I can wear women’s clothes and go everywhere,” she said. ‘’At my mother’s home, I can’t be like that.’’


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