ADDED ON: 10/25/2021

Transgender Pages Pulled From Russian Teen Health Book

10/25/2021 | Moscow Times

A Russian publishing house has removed a section on transgender people from the Russian-language edition of a health guide aimed at teenage girls to avoid running afoul of Russian law, media reported Sunday. The Belaya Vorona publishing house said it received legal counsel that it could be subject to criminal prosecution if “Welcome to Your Period!” — described as an inclusive, body-positive “must-have menstruation manual” for girls aged 10-14 — was published in Russia as is. “As the lawyers told us, there’s law enforcement in practice and there’s the law,” Belaya Vorona co-founder Tatiana Kormer told the Podyom news website. “Then we were told with glee that if we publish it as is, then they’ll defend us pro bono. We thought about it and decided that we prefer to be safe,” Kormer added.


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