ADDED ON: 08/21/2018

Transgender Girl Demeaned, Threatened by Parents at Oklahoma School Is Moving to Texas

08/20/2018 | Dallas Morning News

The 12-year-old transgender girl who was bullied and threatened by parents at her Oklahoma school is moving to Texas. Maddie, who was assigned male at birth, has been living as a girl for two years. She usually uses the staff restroom, her mother said, but did not know where it was located at her new middle school, so she used the girls’ restroom instead. A parent at the school found out and posted the information to a Facebook group, leading to a torrent of abusive language and threats of violence online. The adults demeaned Maddie — calling her “maggot” and “thing” — and joked about harming her physically. The school district canceled classes for two days and Maddie’s mother, Brandy Rose, filed a protective order against one of the parents who made the threats. On Sunday, a Frontier Airlines pilot was also suspended for urging Maddie’s classmates to beat her at school, the local Fox affiliate, KXII-TV, reported.


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