ADDED ON: 03/14/2022

Transgender children, families rally outside Texas Capitol, Governor’s Mansion

03/13/2022 | The Dallas News

AUSTIN — More than 200 people showed up on Gov. Greg Abbott’s doorstep Sunday with a message: Leave transgender children alone. The rally dubbed “Trans Kids Cry for HELP!” was a colorful, ebullient and at times indignant response to Abbott’s order telling Child Protective Services to investigate the families of transgender minors receiving certain medical treatments. The state has opened at least nine abuse probes in response, with the family of one trans teenager suing to block the directive. Tracy and Matt, a couple who declined to give their last name for fear of investigation, came to the rally from nearby Schertz to show support for their 12-year-old transgender son. “We came for our son, who was too scared,” Tracy said. While they’re concerned about being targeted by the state, the parents said they would not be pressured to change the care they’ve sought for him. “If they come to our door, we’re going to fight,” Tracy said.


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