ADDED ON: 01/30/2018

Trans Women Forced to Shave Their Heads by Indonesian Officials

01/29/2018 | The Advocate

Police in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province carried out a crackdown on a group of transgender women Sunday, forcibly shaving their heads and making them wear men’s clothing. Police took 12 trans women into custody early Sunday and took them to a hair salon for the shaving and gave them the clothing as a means of “coaching” them to “become men,” North Aceh Police Chief Ahmad Untung Surianata told state media, according to CNN. “In addition, the officers also nurtured them by way of having them run for some time and telling them to chant loudly until their male voices came out,” he said. The chief said the women were then taken to a police station for “further guidance” and that the action was intended to keep transgender people from “adversely affecting” younger Indonesians, CNN reports.


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