ADDED ON: 05/03/2020

Trans woman sets herself on fire in Georgia as virus lockdown cuts income

05/02/2020 | Reuters

A transgender woman set herself on fire in Georgia to highlight the plight of trans sex workers with no income during the coronavirus lockdown, LGBT+ groups said on Friday as they called for more state support. The incident happened as several trans women staged a small demonstration in the capital, Tbilisi, on Thursday evening. Local TV footage showed one of the women running down a street covered in flames before stripping off her burning jacket and being apprehended by police. “I am a transgender woman and I’m setting myself ablaze because the Georgian state doesn’t care about me,” the woman was heard shouting in the video. She was taken to a hospital suffering from burns but her conditions were not critical, local media reported. “Police made quick response and ensured protection of citizen’s health and lives (sic),” the interior ministry said in a statement on Friday, adding an investigation was underway.


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