ADDED ON: 04/25/2019

Trans voters use correct identity in Indian general election for first time

04/24/2019 | Pink News

Members of Delhi’s transgender and non-binary community have voted for the first time under their correct identity in India’s general election. The Indian election—which takes place from April 11 until May 19—is the first to be called since a landmark ruling by the country’s Supreme Court gave legal recognition to trans and non-binary people in 2014. Prior to that voters had been permitted to tick a third gender on ballot forms, but could not have their gender recognised on passports and voter ID cards. “I could have voted with my old ID but it listed me as a male. I have a new identity now and my new ID card represents that,” one voter, Rhiana, told The Hindu. Rhiana is one of about 130 trans and non-binary people who self-declared their gender to register after a special drive by poll officials.


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