ADDED ON: 05/06/2022

Trans Ukrainians being forced back into closet as cruel despot Putin’s bloodthirsty war rages on

05/06/2022 | Pink News

LGBT+ Ukrainians have been living in fear and uncertainty ever since Russia launched its full scale invasion in February. Now, some are retreating into the closet in the face of anti-LGBT+ aggression, a prominent Ukrainian LGBT+ rights activist has revealed. Anna Leonova is director of Gay Alliance Ukraine, an advocacy group that works to support the community. She told PinkNews via a translator that trans people’s access to medication has dried up since the war started. Advocacy groups like hers are doing everything they can to get treatment into people’s hands. Lately, she’s come into contact with some trans people who are choosing to forgo medication entirely because they’re so afraid of facing violence for being visibly trans.


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