ADDED ON: 12/28/2018

Trans prisoner moved to female prison after year-long court battle

12/28/2018 | Gay Star News

A trans woman prisoner has been transferred to a female prison in Illinois after a year-long court battle. Deon ‘Strawberry’ Hampton described being treated like a ‘sex slave’ while housed in multiple in male penitentiaries over several years. Hampton, 27, has now been moved to the Logan Correctional Center, a female penitentiary located around 160 miles southwest of Chicago. ‘We are thrilled,’ said Vanessa del Valle, one of the lawyers representing Hampton, the Chicago Tribue reports. ‘Strawberry has waited a long time for this transfer. She has been battling for a year in court to have (the Illinois Department of Corrections) recognize her as a woman and protect her from the constant abuse and discrimination in men’s prisons,’ del Valle added.


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