ADDED ON: 06/22/2021

Trans men ‘let down’ and in ‘extreme distress’ as NHS quietly stops life-changing penis surgery

06/21/2021 | Pink News

Finlay Games is a trans man who, as part of his transition, had a series of operations to construct a penis, which is known as phalloplasty. “I am a functioning man precisely because of this surgery,” Finlay says. “I’ve got my own business. I’ve graduated, I’ve written a book, and all of these things are because of transition “I didn’t want to live before, I had no hope. And that’s what this surgery does.” Finlay had phalloplasty – also known as bottom or lower surgery – several years ago now on the NHS. It was available via surgeons at a London clinic called St Peters Andrology. Finlay’s phalloplasty took six surgeries over three years, which he thinks would have increased to a seven- or eight-year timeframe today, based on the current waiting lists. St Peters Andrology has been the sole UK provider of phalloplasty since 2014. In April 2021, the clinic stopped carrying out the surgeries.


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