ADDED ON: 10/14/2019

Trans community’s ability to vote threatened by Boris Johnson’s voter ID plans

10/13/2019 | Pink News

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson will tomorrow (October 14) unveil voter ID proposals to make showing photo ID compulsory in order to vote. The controversial voter ID plans, part of a raft of new measures expected to be announced in a Queens Speech, are supposedly an attempt to tackle electoral fraud but critics say they will disenfranchise minority groups like the trans community. “I don’t have photographic ID,” said Tara Hewitt, a trans woman, on Twitter. “Trans people have to go through more steps and find it increasingly difficult to get photo ID in [the] UK, needing letters from doctors and often sending forms backwards and forwards.” “This is an attack on our democracy and will take away the franchise from so many,” Hewitt added.


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