ADDED ON: 09/15/2021

Trailblazer in transgender treatment: Professor Hwang Na-Hyun of KUAH

09/14/2021 | Korea Biomed

People who have a gender identity that differs from the sex assigned at birth are known as transgender. While the term was something many avoided addressing, transgender people have become a part of the local society during the past few decades. In 2006, the Supreme Court unanimously decided on gender correction and emphasized that transgender people have the right to pursue happiness while enjoying human dignity and value. Fifteen years have passed since the Supreme Court’s decision. However, transgender people still regularly face discrimination as not much has changed regarding governmental policies or social perception toward them. Notably, they faced a considerable void in receiving the proper medical care as no large hospitals had provided specialized care for such patients. Against this backdrop, Professor Hwang Na-hyun of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Korea University Anam Hospital (KUAH) recently established Korea’s first gender clinic.


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