ADDED ON: 11/12/2022

Traditional Countries Rally on Transgender, Homosexuality, and Abortion at UN

11/11/2022 | C-Fam

A major fight broke out in the UN General Assembly Third Committee this week that pitted traditional countries over against powerful Western governments on the questions of abortion, homosexuality, and transgender ideology. The debate occurred during consideration of a resolution on “violence against women.” Western delegates were in shock as traditional countries upended the adoption of the UN resolution. What should have been a routine adoption of a progressive UN resolution like many others turned into a procedural slugfest of amendments and politicized rhetoric. Guatemala proposed the deletion of an entire paragraph about sexual and reproductive health because it ambiguously linked “access to safe abortion” to human rights. The amendment failed, but 36 delegations supported it. The Ambassador of Guatemala said her country protected human life from conception and that “abortion is not codified in any treaty.”


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